The Source of Strength

After years of research and development, field trials, and data-driven results, VP Sales & Manufacturing is proud to introduce the Hercules Fluid End. No company better understands the demands of the Frac Market. As pressures climb and proppants increase, the market demands longer life. It is our commitment to quality and our passion for excellence that developed this industry-leading fluid end.

Award Icon 1. Quality Autofrettaged Stainless Steel
Advanced Metallurgy
Rocket Icon 2. Innovation Packing Nut Locks
Greaseable Retainer Nuts
Gears Icon 3. Life Optimized Bore Designs
Data Driven Results

Unleash the Strength

  • 5-15 PH Stainless Steel / 4330M Fluid End
  • Metallurgical standards are set high with a minimum and maximum Yield Strength, Tensile Strength and Brinell hardness on all 5-15 PH stainless steel and 4330M for optimum performance.
  • Discharge flanges are made with heat treated 4340 alloy steel
  • Optimized internal radii in critical areas to help eliminate stress cracking
  • Grease zerks installed in retainer nuts to help keep threads lubricated for easier removal and freezing up between removals
  • Packing Nut Lock - Generates an axial and radial force on the packing nut to mitigate vibration and eliminate nut back-off
  • Plungers - Thermal spray welded with nickel and chromium hardfacing
  • Packing - Garlock w/o impregnated Kevlar fiber. Garlock packing is manufactured with a proprietary material that has a longer wear life than Kevlar and will not cause wear to the packing bore or to the plunger like Kevlar
  • Discharge cap engineered to optimize flow causing less turbulence and restriction of fluid flow
  • Suction and discharge seat deck area redesigned to allow seats to be recessed into block to optimize flow off the seat and reduce cavitation around seat causing less turbulence and restriction of fluid-flow
  • VP Sales valves and seats manufactured from heat treated 8620 alloy steel. Valve inserts are developed by Garlock for rough use and extended life
  • All Hercules fluid ends are autofrettaged, assembled, pressure tested and painted to the customer's specification in Alice, TX
  • Hercules Fluid End manufacturing and materials are 100% made in the USA