Hercules H2


VP’s newest Hercules fluid end design, the H2 is engineered to decrease overall cost of ownership and cost per pumping hour by eliminating stuck nuts, D-ring washouts, and increasing packing life. With a more reliable compression seal than the standard radial seal (d-ring), this fluid end is designed to be disassembled within minutes in the field, allowing for maintenance between fracking stages and increased reliability between maintenance intervals. The H2 increased the life of the fluid end by 50% in some cases and reduces the amount of user caused fluid end failures.

  • User-friendly, safer maintenance, and ease of routine maintenance
  • Able to be disassembled in minutes in the field
  • Utilizes more reliable compression seal than the industry standard radial seal (d-ring)
  • Increased reliability between maintenance intervals
  • More fluid end hours, less washouts, less failures
  • Compatible with QWS 2500, TWS 2250
  • Available in - 4” QWS, 4.5” QWS, 4.5” TWS, 5” TWS
  • Stroke - 8”
  • Centers - 10” QWS, 12” TWS
  • Weight - QWS = 4950lb
  • Applications - Well Stimulation
  • Patent Pending - Yes